Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonial Lauren K
I came to see Dr. Chad during my pregnancy, as I was suffering from severe hip and lower back pain.

I was hesitant that chiropractic care would really help but, within just a couple of weeks, my pain started to subside.

And after about a month, I was able to start walking and working out again without debilitating pain! I am so thankful and am forever a believer.
Lauren K.
Patient Testimonial Dr. Greg DeClark
As a chiropractor in the greater Chicago area, I trust Dr. Chad when I’m in town and need an adjustment myself.

Dr. Chad is great at assessing patients. He’s also good at explaining what was going on with my spine and breaking down information on the pain I was having in my shoulder and arm.

I recommend him to everyone I know in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Dr. Greg DeClark
Dr. Chad Kobs is an excellent chiropractor to go to if you are experiencing any back pain. He has been treating me since April of 22 after a vehicle accident and it has helped tremendously. He has been very easy to work with and made working with insurance a breeze. I would recommend him for anyone needing chiropractic services.
Trent D.
Dr. Chad provides an exceptional service at Premier Chiropractic. As a healthcare professional myself, I refer patients with confidence knowing they will receive the personalized care they require. His approach is scientific and his adjustments specific. His fees are easy to understand and his space is newly updated and fresh. Chiropractic at its finest!
Clay L.
I have been doing a care plan with Chad for the past few months and he has completely changed my life & overall health. Because of his care, I was able to get off of my antidepressants safely, I stopped having chronic migraines & my mood swings stabilized. Chad truly cares about his patients & takes a holistic approach to helping you! 12/10 care and 20/10 guy!
Mimi S.
I work in the healthcare field and had been looking for a good chiropractor for years. Dr. Chad Kobs came highly recommended to me by several of my clients, and so I decided to book an initial appointment to see if it was a good fit for me.

I really appreciated from the beginning how personable Dr. Chad was, as well as his perspective on health and well-being and the way he listened to and kept at the forefront what my personal health goals and needs were. The subsequent changes I noticed after only a month of working with Dr. Chad motivated me to get my husband and my daughter to start care with Dr. Chad as well.

I highly recommend Dr. Chad and am so grateful for the positive changes that I’ve enjoyed in my life as a result of his care.
Victoria S.
Patient Testimonial Moana G
Dr. Chad, thank you so much for accepting me as a patient for three years from 2016-2019. It was the greatest investment of my life.

I wouldn’t be working still if it hadn’t been for your excellent care. For over 20 years, I’d suffered due to Osteoarthritis where there was no cartilage in both knees & right hip. Under your expertise, thank you for giving me back the quality of life."
Moana G.
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