5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally In Hudson

5 Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally In Hudson

Chiropractic Hudson WI 5 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

There are so many natural ways to boost the immune system, especially as we approach the fall and winter seasons where the common cold and flu are frequent.

When it comes to avoiding sickness, it’s hard to avoid the germs around us as we see more people coughing and sneezing.

What we can do is support our immune systems so that when we come in contact with germs, they have less of a chance at thriving and making us sick.

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, here are a few of my personal tips as a Hudson Chiropractor, from my own experience and from outside expert research, that can help you strengthen your immune system to better defend yourself from viruses.

So, here are a five easy and natural ways to boost your immune system.

Drink plenty of water.

This one’s the easiest to do, but sometimes the hardest to remember. Staying hydrated will help your body naturally eliminate toxins and other bacterias. And that will help strengthen your immune system, naturally.

When someone is sick or has a fever, they’re advised to stay hydrated, but you don’t have to wait until you’re sick to increase your water intake!

Water also helps to carry oxygen to different cells of the body, which helps strengthen your immune system.

Experts from the CDC found in 2013 that 43-percent of adults drink less than four cups of water per day. This figure includes seven percent of American adults who drink no water, at all.

Drinking enough water is important to keep hydrated on a regular basis, especially when it’s cold and flu season. Keep your immunity up by drinking plenty of water to stave off infection. Staying hydrated helps your body naturally eliminate toxins and other bacteria that may cause illness.

The Tip: drink half your weight in oz per day then add 20oz. And if you consume caffeine (like coffee), you need more. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should drink 120 oz minimum. For every 8 ounces of caffeine (equal to one cup), you should have an additional 16 ounces of water to counteract the dehydration effect of coffee).

Increase exercise In Hudson

Regular exercise is so important in many ways to living healthy.

According to Harvard health publishing, “Exercise can contribute to general good health and therefore to a healthy immune system. It may contribute even more directly by promoting good circulation, which allows the cells and substances of the immune system to move through the body freely and do their job efficiently.”

The Tip: Try aerobic activity. Get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, or a combination of both. When you can, also focus on strength training. Do strength training exercises for all major muscle groups at least two times a week.

Structural Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Pero who is the chief of cancer prevention research at New York’s Preventive Medicine Institute and professor of medicine at New York University measured the immune systems of people under chiropractic care as compared to those in the general population, and to those with cancer and other serious diseases.

His initial three-year study was of 107 individuals who had been under chiropractic care for five years or more.

For those who had been under chiropractic care for five years or more, Dr. Pero found they had a 200% greater immune competence than those people who had not received chiropractic care, and they had 400% greater immune competence than those people with cancer and other serious diseases.

Takeaway: Many people benefit from chiropractic care, beyond aches and pains. Immune functions and functional outcomes can be improved, but be sure your chiropractor is using objective measurements over time to show you both structural and neurologic changes.

If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to our office.

Increase Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a huge part in immune health.

A recent study indicated that patients hospitalized with COVID-19 who had sufficient levels of vitamin D had a decreased risk for adverse outcomes and death (see source).

This vitamin plays a critical role in promoting immune response. It has both anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties and is crucial for the activation of immune system defenses.

Vitamin D is known to enhance the function of immune cells, including T cells and macrophages, that protect your body against pathogens

I know it’s hard during winter months to get enough sunlight, so we need to make sure we are finding sources of vitamin D.

We can do this through supplements — I suggest vitamin D droplets or cod liver oil, but be careful about the brands you choose. Other vitamin D sources include wild-caught salmon, mushrooms, and organic pastured eggs.

Takeaway: Vitamin D, or Vitamin D supplements, are important especially during winter months to keep our immune system strong.

Choose the nutrient-rich foods

You often here that your gut health is your second immune system. What we eat is so important in staying healthy.

A healthy immune system needs good nourishment. A few very important vitamins we need to make sure we are getting on a daily basis is Vitamin A, B and C.

Vitamin A: Strengthens the immune system and it also develops bones, teeth, and epithelial cells, the cells situated on the inside and outside of body cavities such as the nose, mouth, throat, lungs, stomach, intestines, urinary tract. It is also a source of powerful antioxidants

Get it from: Orange and yellow vegetables and fruits (e.g., nectarines, cantaloupe, carrots), spinach, broccoli, butter, eggs, milk, fish oil, and liver (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb), wild-caught Alaskan salmon.

Vitamin B: Move red blood cells throughout the body, which contain oxygen. It’s important for process of protein synthesis and creation of energy.

Get it from: Whole grains (e.g., oats and wheats), peas, beans, leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, seafood, eggs and dairy products such as milk and yogurt, and meat.

Vitamin C: Speeds up the healing of wounds. It also reduces any damage to the body from toxic substances and chemicals. It’s also part of collagen production that gives strength to bones, cartilages, ligaments, tendons, muscle, teeth and blood vessels.

Keeps your skin healthy. Get it from: Citrus fruits (e.g., orange, lemon) and in other fruits (e.g., cantaloupe, strawberries) and vegetables (e.g., broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage).

Takeaway: Eat better food that’s alive, rather than in boxes and processed.

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