Chiropractor Explains Staying Healthy In Hudson WI

Chiropractor Explains How To Stay Healthy In Hudson

Chiropractic Hudson WI Healthy In Hudson

Hey everyone! I’m Dr. Chad.

I’m very excited to bring Premier Chiropractic to the Hudson area, and to share my passions — inside and outside of the practice!

This blog is written just for you!

I’m hoping to give readers helpful information and resources about all things health-related and to be a resource for the community. While this is a “chiropractic” blog, my goal is to share how living a chiropractic lifestyle can improve your overall health and quality of life.

For those reading this who may have never been to a chiropractor or aren’t sure what a chiropractor does, this blog will hopefully answer those questions. Or, maybe you’ve gone to a chiropractor in the past with little or no success and want are curious to know the differences between different providers. Just like in any profession, everyone practices a little bit differently.

I want to make sure I show you some of those differences so you can find a chiropractor who fits your needs and meets you on your health journey.

For those just interested in health topics, I hope to provide you with new information and to create good content for you to read and share with friends and family!

Let Me Introduce Myself And Why I’m Dedicating Time To A Health Blog In Hudson

I grew up in the Somerset/Hudson area and come from a very large family where both my parents were raised on dairy farms in the New Richmond and East Farmington region.

I went to undergrad school at the University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire, where I studied kinesiology, biology, and chemistry. I then followed my passion to a chiropractic school in Iowa at the Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Throughout my schooling, I studied extensively not only in school but also outside of school.

I was accepted into different intern programs that required 30+ hours of dedication, on top of a full-time curriculum at Davenport. This is when my passion really blossomed. I’ve had the privilege and responsibility of teaching chiropractic to both students and other doctors.

My passion for chiropractic has taken me across the world to places like Hawaii, Guatemala, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Spain.

Through this experience, I’ve developed an appreciation for giving back to people through teaching.

I find teaching people about chiropractic and health to be so rewarding. In a time where information is accessible so readily, it’s hard to find quality health information. I hope by creating content, I can help you learn more about health and chiropractic. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and I’m excited to give back to a community that’s shaped me to be the doctor I am today

Our healthcare system can be a scary place sometimes and I hope to help you see that no matter where you are health-wise when we can take action over time and we can always improve our current situation.

Please stay tuned for updates on this blog and follow our social media for updates as I open my clinic in Hudson. I’m looking forward to bringing my skills and knowledge to a community that’s always felt like home!


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