How Premier Chiropractic Offers More Than ‘Traditional’ Chiropractic Care In Hudson

How Premier Chiropractic offers more than ‘Traditional’ Chiropractic Care In Hudson

Chiropractic Hudson WI How Premier Chiropractic Offers More

There are so many different methods and styles of chiropractic care in Hudson, and we hope sharing this information helps you find the right doctor who can address and treat your health concerns.

In the medical world, doctors have different specialties; for example, there are general practitioners, oncologists, pediatricians, surgeons, neurosurgeons, etc. They’re all doctors, but they focus on something a little different.

Not everyone knows this, but it’s the same within the chiropractic profession! There are many different methods and styles to treat chiropractic patients.

What do most ‘traditional’ chiropractors focus on?

Most ‘traditional’ chiropractors focus on treating your symptoms-> decreasing pain, muscle spasms, and increasing your range of motion. This generally falls under the umbrella of “managing symptoms” or “pain relief,” and it’s often the most common experience patients have when they go to a chiropractor — that’s if they’ve tried seeing a chiropractor before.

And while it makes sense that’s the type of care some patients want, it’s because many don’t know there are different forms of a chiropractic treatment!

Why isn’t ‘traditional’ chiropractic treatment enough?

Pain usually motivates patients to take action, but the pain is also a signal for an underlying condition that’s indirectly or directly causing that pain.

Many health conditions are present for a period of time BEFORE a person even experiences pain — examples include heart disease, heart attack, arthritis, etc.

Some patients seek out ‘traditional’ chiropractic care simply to feel pain relief or to have a chiropractor help reduce those symptoms. But that doesn’t address what’s causing that pain to come back, over and over again.

But at Premier Chiropractic, we offer more than just ‘traditional’ chiropractic care and approaches.

We take the ‘traditional’ approach only to help with background, but then advance the care you’ll receive using an “engineering approach” to analyze and adjust the spine.

The technical term for that is called “Structural Correction.”

What Is Structural Correction In Hudson?

It’s a question we get asked a lot, and this is my favorite example to use: think of your spine as the foundation of your home.

When the foundation of a home shifts or is imbalanced, you end up with secondary effects. For example, the floor begins to creak, the walls begin to crack, and maybe the windows don’t shut correctly. Not good.

We can spend a lot of time and money patching the damage to our home, but it doesn’t get rid of the actual problem, or what’s causing the damage. Without addressing the root of the problem, the home consistently has to be repaired again and again, even though it may seem like the problem goes away…

This is why Structural Correction looks for the underlying shifts that occur in someone’s “structure” — meaning, their spine.

When there are shifts in the foundation, the home sees problems; when there are shifts in your spine, it can cause “symptoms.” Chiropractors call the unwanted symptoms a patient experiences “secondary” conditions.

In many areas of healthcare, we know there is a standard range for optimal health.

Such examples include standard ranges in blood pressure, body temperature, and vision.

Similarly, when studying the “engineering” of the spine, there’s an “ideal” structure for the spine and function for the nervous system.

At Premier Chiropractic, we don’t just guess on treatments by measuring if the symptoms are temporarily gone — because like that rickety house, patching up holes will only want you to feel better, we want to see evidence that your spine has changed for the better.

We do not simply use subjective measurements like feel and touch to determine how to take care of you. We use objective analytics to determine your need for care. Those include:

  1. Full-Spine Structural Radiographs
  2. aOS (Autonomic Operating System analysis)
  3. 3D Digital Imaging
  4. Thermography

I hope this entry helped you understand the vast differences people may experience when they visit a chiropractic office. If you have questions or want to know more, please call us at (715) 410-8791 and we would be happy to help.


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